40+ Hockey League

SLS Family Sports Centre's 40+ Hockey League runs from September - April and is fun for any 40+ hockey player.

This league was formed with a specific intent... "to be played in the spirit of good fun, respect for each other, reasonable priced, sportsmanship and friendly competition’.If this isn’t what your team is looking for, please don’t join this league."



League Rules

Here is how the league operates:

  • All players must be 40+. Each team may carry one under aged player (38 or 39 years old).

  • Games will be held Sunday nights at 8:15pm and 9:45 and Thursday nights at 9:45.

  • 1 hour 15 minute games (5-10 min warm up, then 20, 20, 20 period running time). Refs start clock.

  • "Icing" is from the defensive Blue Line and not the customary Centre Red Line. 

  • Only stats kept are win, lose, tie.

  • Teams are to vacate their dressing rooms, tidied up, within 45 minutes of completing their game.

  • NO alcoholic beverages on the players bench.

  • No dedicated score keeper or person to run the clocks. Ref will start clock and put up goals on score clock.

  • Penalties – 3 minutes running time (ref will indicate to player what time to step out of box).

  • NO SLAP SHOTS stick can’t go passed hip height (snap and wrist shots only) REF: whistle play dead.

  • BODY CONTACT is part of the game but CHECKING is NOT (no hip checks or full out body checks or checking into the boards).

  • FIGHTING – both players ejected from the game. Suspension of one additional game. REF: eject both players immediately to dressing rooms. Can’t come back to bench.

  • FIGHTING (instigator) – automatic 3 additional game suspension. Possibility of more depending on severity and/or if involved in a fight earlier in the season.

  • STICK WORK (with intent to injure) – ejected from the game plus 3 additional games. Possibility of more depending on severity and/or if involved in a similar incident earlier in the season.

  • ABUSE OF REF (Physical/Verbal) – immediately gone from the game plus 3 additional games. May result in further suspention and/or removal from league (no refunds) REF: immediate removal from game and can’t come back to bench.

  • Discipline / Suspensions: will be dealt with by the SLSFSC Chief Operating Officer.


Have fun, be respectful of one another, remember, it’s only a game!

Hours - 6am-9pm
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  • Closed until further notice

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