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Extreme Bootcamp

Extreme Bootcamp



Focus: Woman, moms, injury recovery
Bio: Stephanie has been involved in health, fitness & nutrition all her life and is excited to share her passion with you! She teaches a variety of classes from yoga, HIIT, Power lifting and Zumba. She loves to train busy people and help them build their personal strength and fitness with her “Small Wins Daily” philosophy. Her energy is contagious and you will be pumped working with her!
Cool Fact: Mom of two girls who enjoys running half marathons.

Extreme Bootcamp

Focus: Athletes, youth, young adults, anyone looking to learn and grow.
Bio: Moving from the States with his wife Hanna, Chris has worked as a K-12 PE, OE, as well as a health teacher, athletic coach, and mentor and coach for university students for the past six to seven years. He is passionate about teaching others how to make healthy decisions when it comes to fitness nutrition, and life in general. Chris enjoys participating in, coaching, and learning about any activities from team sports to camping and spending tome in the mountains. Whatever your goals are, Chris is passionate about striving to help you reach those goals and grow as a person while getting there. Every day, strive to get 1% better!
Cool Fact: Loves going on week long backpacking and paddling trips in Western Canada.

About the class

A bootcamp workout is essentially a type of interval training with an SLSFSC performance coach —get ready for bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of light movement. The term 'boot camp' is also known as a group fitness classes that promotes strength gain, fat loss, camaraderie and a team effort feel. Making it “Extreme” with us will get you the results you want! All Levels welcome and modifications will be made to cater to your fitness level.

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