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Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga



Focus: Woman, moms, injury recovery
Bio: Stephanie has been involved in health, fitness & nutrition all her life and is excited to share her passion with you! She teaches a variety of classes from yoga, HIIT, Power lifting and Zumba. She loves to train busy people and help them build their personal strength and fitness with her “Small Wins Daily” philosophy. Her energy is contagious and you will be pumped working with her!
Cool Fact: Mom of two girls who enjoys running half marathons.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

About the class

Vinyasa (Sanskrit: विन्यास, IAST: vinyāsa) class is a smooth transition between asanas especially when movement is paired with the breath. In this class you will be encouraged to connect your breath and movement as when we move in life & fitness, we sometimes limit our breathing, this class will benefit your body from learning how to slow down and really get into the breath work and healing aspects of yoga.

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