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Healing Hatha Yoga

Healing Hatha Yoga



Manjula has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. Before that, she was an elementary school teacher with the Calgary Board of Education.

Her style of teaching uses breath connected movements and poses to access a state of deep inner awareness and relaxation as preparation for meditative practices. In her classes, she encourages students to connect with stillness and silence, find balance between comfort and effort, and develop fluidity and ease of movement. She teaches her classes with empathetic compassion for each student’s individual needs and physical condition. She uses alignment cues, offers adjustments, and cannot resist a teachable moment. She has been working with people of all ages, abilities, health challenges and levels. Her public teaching background has blessed her with an ability to break down poses and deliver clear instructions that are easy to follow.

Cool Fact: Manjula was the one who started yoga classes here at SLS Family Sport Centre! For that we are extremely grateful to her!

Healing Hatha Yoga

About the class

This gentle class focuses on reducing physical pain, improving joint and organ functions, and increasing overall health and well-being. By coordinating movement and breath this series helps calm the mind for a more meditative focus. Suitable for all bodies and yoga experience

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