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Heavy Bag Circuit

Heavy Bag Circuit



Focus/ideal client: My ideal client is someone who wants to have fun while exercising!

Bio: I have always loved sports of any kind, I started my Martial Arts training 22 years ago in several disciplines including kickboxing, Braizilian Jui Jitsu, Karate and stick & knife training. I soon realized I loved to teach and took my CanFit training. 10 years ago, I added Zumba to the mix and soon after, Barre.

Fun Fact: Many of my clients thing I can't count when, in actual fact, I'm very good at it!

Heavy Bag Circuit

About the class

This high-intensity class is a whole-body workout that is guaranteed to get the heart pumping. Between plyometrics and instruction in basic Muay Thai/Kickboxing skills, participants learn to hit the heavy bag in this challenging and fast paced class. Please bring your own gloves and hand wraps. - All levels welcome

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