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Lift it

Lift it



Focus: All levels
I enjoy fit, motivated, active people who already have body awareness and like to be pushed hard, in a positive effective way. I also remember what it’s like to be 245 pounds and walking into the gym for the first time. Which is where I was a few years ago.
Bio: As a Trainer, Jessie wants to share her enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle and help you realize what your body is capable of. Along with a Business Management Degree from SAIT, she is also ALFCA certified as: Resistance Training Specialist, Spin Instructor, and Fitness Leader for Older Adults. A typical workout of hers will include a variety of equipment: the TRX, kettle bells, free weights, even body weight exercises. Cardio hits include the spin bikes, track, arc trainers and stairs.
Cool Fact: Summer rides: In the summer months she has recently switched from road bikes to motorcycles.

Lift it

Focus: All Levels. Whatever age you are, wherever you are in your fitness journey, my goal is to meet YOU where YOU are at. From a newbie, who’s never stepped into a gym, to that gym rat with years of experience, I believe there’s always something to be learned in the fitness industry to help you be a better version of yourself. I believe in functionality and everyday movements, in finding the pleasure in fitness and the work needed to keep us moving forward as we age.
Bio: I’m a mum, grandma, aunt, sister...I come from a family who loves to be active. I was the kid who played everything and feel sport and fitness teaches us many life skills. I’m a Certified Life Coach & Personal Training Specialist. Trained in Functioned Medicine, Active Aging and Weight Management.
Fun Fact: I was an Olympic Torch Bearer in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I still have my track suit and torch!

About the class

Take your strength to the next level. Learn proper lifting techniques. This class will incorporate all the exercise equipment that the facility has to offer. Every week with be different, always a full body work out. All levels welcome

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