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Spin Tabata

Spin Tabata



Focus: All levels
I enjoy fit, motivated, active people who already have body awareness and like to be pushed hard, in a positive effective way. I also remember what it’s like to be 245 pounds and walking into the gym for the first time. Which is where I was a few years ago.
Bio: As a Trainer, Jessie wants to share her enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle and help you realize what your body is capable of. Along with a Business Management Degree from SAIT, she is also ALFCA certified as: Resistance Training Specialist, Spin Instructor, and Fitness Leader for Older Adults. A typical workout of hers will include a variety of equipment: the TRX, kettle bells, free weights, even body weight exercises. Cardio hits include the spin bikes, track, arc trainers and stairs.
Cool Fact: Summer rides: In the summer months she has recently switched from road bikes to motorcycles.

Spin Tabata

Focus: Woman, moms, injury recovery
Bio: Stephanie has been involved in health, fitness & nutrition all her life and is excited to share her passion with you! She teaches a variety of classes from yoga, HIIT, Power lifting and Zumba. She loves to train busy people and help them build their personal strength and fitness with her “Small Wins Daily” philosophy. Her energy is contagious and you will be pumped working with her!
Cool Fact: Mom of two girls who enjoys running half marathons.

About the class

Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. Spin Tabata takes it one step further, offering a winning work-out combination of spinning (cardio) and resistance training (building muscle strength). Through a variety of simple, yet intense timed exercises, each class will blast away the calories and, when done consistently, will provide noticeable fitness results in a short amount of time.

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