Team Boot Camp

Days & times

Wed: 5:30-6:30pm

Team Boot Camp



Focus: Athletes, youth, young adults, anyone looking to learn and grow.
Bio: Moving from the States with his wife Hanna, Chris has worked as a K-12 PE, OE, as well as a health teacher, athletic coach, and mentor and coach for university students for the past six to seven years. He is passionate about teaching others how to make healthy decisions when it comes to fitness nutrition, and life in general. Chris enjoys participating in, coaching, and learning about any activities from team sports to camping and spending tome in the mountains. Whatever your goals are, Chris is passionate about striving to help you reach those goals and grow as a person while getting there. Every day, strive to get 1% better!
Cool Fact: Loves going on week long backpacking and paddling trips in Western Canada.

Team Boot Camp

About the class

Do you like working with a team, pushing yourself to grow, and achieving difficult tasks while encouraging others? Team Boot Camp will use partner and team-oriented tasks and challenges to push you to your limit. Whether you are a veteran or beginner in the fitness world, this class is for you. You can join from wherever you are physically and make personal progress while pushing through the hard stuff with a teammate. No Boot Camper left behind!