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Whether it be to lose weight, gain strength, flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, build muscle or a combination of these, we are here to motivate and help you to reach your goals. Our outstanding certified fitness staff possess the knowledge, skills, and ability to design and instruct safe, effective and fun training programs.

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Rates are subject to GST.  Personal Training sessions and packages are non-refundable. Trainers are subject to change.


Meet Our Personal Trainers

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Focus: All levels, athletes, strength training, body building, transformation


Bio: As a United States Marine; fitness has been a part of Andre’s entire adult life. He is excited to share knowledge with anyone willing to listen and learn. Moving from the beaches of sunny southern California he has worked with a variety of woman and men to improve their lifestyle and increase the importance of health and fitness.


Fun Fact: National level men’s physique competitor.

Sara bw.jpg


Focus: All Levels, moms, athletes


Bio: Growing up as a competitive athlete fitness has always been a passion of mine. Teaching and helping clients reach their goals brings me great joy. I am a firm believer that “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won't change you”. I enjoy teaching HITT style workouts, boot camps, Tabata and spin.


Fun Fact: I am a former Professional Figure skating, where I got to Skate for Disney on Ice and as a Stunt double in a movie.



Focus: All levels.


Bio: Hazel has over 20 years’ experience as a Physical Therapist with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has also been in the fitness industry since 2002. Though she enjoys working with all individuals, she is particularly passionate about working with those who have muscle imbalances (weakness/tightness), joint challenges, issues with balance and those who desire to improve their overall health. Hazel’s famous words are: “JUST SHOW UP”. If you make the effort to be here. I will work WITH you to improve and maintain your health.


Cool Fact: She loves being creative in the kitchen.



Focus: All Levels. Whatever age you are, wherever you are in your fitness journey, my goal is to meet YOU where YOU are at. From a newbie, who’s never stepped into a gym, to that gym rat with years of experience, I believe there’s always something to be learned in the fitness industry to help you be a better version of yourself. I believe in functionality and everyday movements, in finding the pleasure in fitness and the work needed to keep us moving forward as we age.

Bio: I’m a mum, grandma, aunt, sister...I come from a family who loves to be active. I was the kid who played everything and feel sport and fitness teaches us many life skills. I’m a Certified Life Coach  &  Personal Training Specialist. Trained in  Functioned Medicine, Active Aging and Weight Management.


Fun Fact: I was an Olympic Torch Bearer in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.  I still have my track suit and torch!  



Focus: The focus of the session is on supporting and assisting restoration of the health to the individual, through education and active lifestyle centred fitness.

Bio: Passionate professional with a strong background in improving personal health and wellness in clients of all ages and backgrounds. Specializing in Personal Training, Thai Massage and currently a student of Osteopathic Manual Therapy and exploring the study of Biomechanics and their impact on Health and Fitness. Curtis loves running of all kinds, half marathons and Obstacle course racing as his primary methods of expression, but also indoor rock climbing, parkour, swimming, yoga, mixed martial art, animal flow, natural forms of movement and movement training with a focus on joint health through the Functional Range Conditioning system.

Cool Fact: Currently studying Osteopathy and in the future will treat humans and canines!



Focus: Older Adult /55 plus

Bio: Having spent 15 years + in the Fitness Industry, Janet brings her experience and knowledge of fitness from her past positions, from teaching groups classes such as Spin Class and Women and Weights to conducting Fitness Assessments. Janet believes that fit and active people come in all shapes and sizes and would like to help you along the way with your fitness journey.

Cool Fact: She is the “Accidental Artist” and creates glass art.



Focus: Functional Training for Daily Living, Joint Mobility/Stability, Muscular Imbalances, Post-Rehab, Postural Assessment & Corrections, Balance and Stretching and a variety of conditions such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia and Cancer. Water or land training available.

 Bio: Jo-Anne spent 20 years working in EMS and teaching First Aid/CPR for Red Cross, in 2013 she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  When she was finally cancer free her journey to wellness began. With the support of the Instructors here at SLS Family Sports Centre she discovered that her passion to help people could be used in the fitness industry and after completing many certifications she found her niche in Functional Training.

Cool Fact: She loves Boxing and Kayaking.



Focus: Busy parents, injury recovery, athletes


Bio: Stephanie has been involved and interested in fitness and wellness all her life, she grew up playing sports, triathlons and swam competitively at a national level. She enjoys hiking in the mountains with her family and taking her two girls to their sporting events. She believes that fitness is not a destination or fad, that it is more then a way of life. Fitness is a way to LIVE.


She teaches a variety of classes for SLSFSC from Yoga, and Spin Tabata to Extreme Bootcamp!  She loves to train busy people and help them build their personal strength through nutrition and fitness with her “Small Wins Daily” philosophy. Her energy is contagious, and you will be pumped working with her!


Cool Fact:  She is a self-proclaimed anatomy geek and loves running half marathons.

Chelsea - SLSFSC - Staff-2.jpg


Focus: All fitness levels. Whether you are brand new to the gym and hoping to make a lifestyle change or whether you live and breathe health and fitness, Chelsea fully believes that there is always something more to learn, ways for you to grow, and positive impacts to be made.


Bio: As someone who grew up in various sports, it wasn’t until Chelsea became a young adult that she realized that all her years of sports taught her a lot of discipline, but not a lot of overall health knowledge. After that realization, Chelsea decided to take matters into her own hands and learn as much as she could about foundational movements, nutrition, and the fitness industry as a whole. As a mom of two, she believes strongly in teaching and implementing positive lifestyle changes in all stages of life and believes it’s never too late to make a change. Chelsea enjoys learning more about the science behind exercise and is always in awe of what our bodies are capable of. As an ACE Personal Trainer, Chelsea will strive to help you meet your goals - whether that’s hitting a PR, doing your very first push-up, training for a marathon, or simply having an easier time with day-to-day activities - she will champion you every step of the way.


Cool Fact:  In her spare time, Chelsea loves refinishing and building furniture. She is a lover of power tools and Home Depot is one of her favourite places to go!

Rahmi bw_edited.jpg


Focus: Rahmi welcomes all levels. She enjoys working with anyone who is interested in Fitness. During a typical week, she works with older adults, athletes, kids, people in recovery, new moms and much more. Rahmi often says: come as you are and let's workout in the moment.


Bio: Rahmi is a group fitness instructor who is certified to teach a variety of programs like Spin, Zumba, Yoga, TRX, Strength, Barre, Aqua Fitness, and a lot more. Rahmi is a certified Yoga and meditation Teacher Trainer. She is certified in Wellness and Nutrition. She enjoys working with older adults and decided to get certified to teach older adults as well. Rahmi teaches prenatal and postnatal programs on a weekly basis: She teaches Prenatal Deep Water, Mom and Stroller, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga and Mom and Baby fit. In 2018 Rahmi decided to start teaching/leading walking classes. She got certified in Nordic Pole Walking and now leads Nordic Pole classes.


Cool fact: Rahmi's initial education is in Logistic and Operation Management where she has a Master’s Degree. Fitness was a passion that she decided to follow full time Classes: Aqua Fit, Zumba, Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga as well as Personal Training.

Profile photo.jpg


Focus/Ideal Client: Individuals who are new to fitness and people who are looking to establish a fitness routine.

Bio: While fitness can, and should be challenging, I also believe in finding joy in movement. I want to help you feel your strongest so that you can confidently participate in all your favorite activities. During our time together, we will focus on functional movement to prevent injury and build up your strength.

Fun Fact: I am a mom to three boys. We love to spend our time at the arena or doing anything outside.

Selina 02.jpeg


Focus/Ideal Client: Beginner Lifters

Bio: I have always done many modalities of fitness and enjoy being active. I feel the best activity for you to do is the one you love, as this adds value to your life. What this is. Traditional strength training, CrossFit, step class or yoga. I enjoy hypertrophy training and helping woman find confidence and power in the gym and in everyday life.

Fun Fact: I love hiking, biking, swimming and have deadlifted 215lbs. I would love to learn how to rock climb.

Would you like to hire a member of our Fitness Team for a private class, team building, fundraiser or even a birthday party? Get in touch:

Meet Our Instructors



Focus: All Levels. I work with all ages too! I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with every individual.


Bio: Cheryl has been teaching yoga since 2015 and is always wanting to learn/train more to have current information and knowledge for her clients. She likes to instruct people to educate them how their individual body moves. Cheryl is a Veteran (Military) Spouse, mother of 2 grown kidlets and loves being active. Being involved in the Military Community for almost 25 years, she has adapted to new environments and has had experiences across the Country. She has worked with kids, teens, adults, sports teams, and schools, instructing yoga, movement, and meditation.  Cheryl has more than 1000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Certifications, which range from multiple styles/modalities. 


Fun Fact: I love being out on the water and going stand-up paddling with my hubby, dogs and doing yoga on the board.  Which takes me down to the Caribbean, to share my teachings on and off the water, at Resorts!



Focus: Coaching wrestling and karate


Bio: Stewart is a High School teacher and Learning Leader in Calgary who has been teaching since 2009. Having studied Kinesiology at the University of Alberta and York University, Stewart applies this knowledge by focusing on movement principles in his teaching style. Stewart is a 3rd degree black belt in Shitoryu Karate, he is the Alberta technical director for,  and proud member of, Shitoryu Karate Canada. Stewart is a direct student of Kyoshi Allan Tanzadeh, 8th degree black belt and head of Shitoryu Karate Canada.  Stewart has been training in karate and other martial arts since age 9 and includes this knowledge of sport and traditional martial arts in the dojo.  Stewart's love of teaching keeps him reflecting and growing his teaching methods. His experience and education bring a modern and unique approach to karate, allowing for more games based and application-based learning.


Fun Fact: He also speaks Spanish and some French and tries to use that to help students understand and better engage in class.



Focus: Is for everyone to have fun!


Bio: Smiles and excitement fuel her passion for overall health and personal wellness. She loves engaging with her class, and witnessing the benefits of movement, focus, and their drive to succeed. Her goal is to help the community have fun while promoting active and healthy lifestyles through water exercises. Her family motivates her and she strives to better herself every day. She loves her community and is very grateful to be part it.

Let’s make this life journey a great and a healthy one!


Fun Fact: She can solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube under 3 minutes!

Marion bw.png


Focus/ideal client: My ideal client is someone who wants to have fun while exercising!


Bio: I have always loved sports of any kind, I started my Martial Arts training 22 years ago in several disciplines including kickboxing, Braizilian Jui Jitsu, Karate and stick & knife training. I soon realized I loved to teach and took my CanFit training. 10 years ago, I added Zumba to the mix and soon after, Barre.


Fun Fact: Many of my clients thing I can't count when, in actual fact, I'm very good at it!



Focus: Specialist in all levels of Non-Athletic and Restorative Fitness, and combining the therapeutic benefits of Warm Water Exercise with Land Exercise.


Bio: AFLCA Certified since 1984, Janette has been a Group Exercise (GE) enthusiast from the word go! As an AFLCA Assistant Trainer/Educator of GE Instructors, Janette is truly passionate about training, mentoring and certifying/recertifying Fitness Leaders. While she still loves every opportunity to lead GE classes, Janette fuels her passion as a CEC Workshop and Designation course presenter. Her AFLCA designations include Older Adult, Aquatic Fitness, GE Choreography, Step, Portable Equipment and Mind/Body (with specialty areas of hip/knee joint replacement, inflammatory disorders, and Warm Water Exercise).


Fun Fact: She got a new “lease on life” by having to have bilateral hip replacements in the fall of 2012 (and only missed 6 months of GE instructing in the process). 

Amit bw.png


Focus: Cycling and dryland training for all disciplines of cycling, triathlon, and all cross country and backcountry skiing.

Bio: An outdoor professional, who works as a conservation officer and is trained and certified in mountain rescue. I am an avid cross country mountain biker who raced in the expert category provincially and nationally, but now races mountain bike marathon events. I have also become more interested in the process of training for competition rather than competing!  Which has prompted me to become a AFLCA group fitness instructor so that I can help others to prepare for the upcoming season through my spin class and a dryland training course. I am also a keen backcountry skier,  which has spurred me to also come up with a training strategy for skiers.


Fun Fact:  I asked K-OS to watch my bag at the Montreal Airport, so I can go to the washroom.  I had no idea who he was, until I arrived home and saw his video.

Corinne bw.jpg


Focus: I teach yoga for everybody. My classes are not about what anyone looks like in a pose, I focus on how you feel in a pose. I also have yoga training courses that allows me to teach from a trauma informed lens as well as Yoga Thrive, a researched-based course specific for people who have or had cancer. I have taught yoga to a variety of people, including sports teams and first responders.


Bio: Corinne has been active all her life, and discovered yoga when her karate sensei suggested yoga to help with balance and flexibility. Over the years, Corinne has tried various styles of yoga including Hot 26 (Bikram), Iyengar yoga, Hot Flow, Baron Baptiste yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative. After a few years of practicing yoga, specifically the Hot 26, Corinne decided she wanted to teach and share her passion of yoga with others. In 2015, she completed her 200hr Teacher Training Certificate and has since taken yoga teacher training courses in Yin Yoga, Dragon Dance, Trauma Consciousness Yoga, Yoga Thrive and sequences courses. Corinne is also a Reiki Master and has recently received training in Thai Yoga Massage. 


Fun Fact: Corinne also loves making malas and teaching people how to make them.

Carol bw.jpg


Focus: Students who think they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga!  Beginners and experienced yogis looking for ways to adapt the practice for their own body.



I have lived in Cochrane since 1989 and began practicing yoga in 2007.  I always felt that many classes did not offer variations to postures so I began developing them myself.  A job change 6 years ago prompted me to take a teacher training so I can share my passion of bringing yoga to those who feel like they don’t fit in to the practice due to injury, shape or age.

Fun Fact: I have been volunteering in the community as a Cochrane Activette for 10 years.



Focus: Physical and mental wellbeing for all.


Bio: Manjula has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. Before that she was an elementary school teacher with the Calgary Board of Education. Her style of teaching uses breath connected movements and poses to access a state of deep inner awareness and relaxation as preparation for meditative practices. In her classes, she encourages students to connect with stillness and silence, find balance between comfort and effort, and develop fluidity and ease of movement. She teaches her classes with empathetic compassion for each student’s individual needs and physical condition. She uses alignment cues, offers adjustments, and cannot resist a teachable moment. She has been working with people of all ages, abilities, health challenges and levels. Her public teaching background has blessed her with an ability to break down poses and deliver clear instructions that are easy to follow.


Cool Fact: Manjula was the one who started yoga classes here at SLS Family Sport Centre! For that we are extremely grateful to her!



Focus: I love connecting with any human who is interested or intrigued in taping into the inner work. Yoga is more than asana!


Bio: My yoga practice began in 2005 and continues to grow into a beautiful way of life in the present. What seemed like another fun way to get 'a workout' transformed into a healing, relaxing and grounding spiritual discipline. My hard core fitness journey and career in the fitness industry also began that same year. I had always felt the need to push my body to the limits with body building, triathlons, marathons, etc. Although I learned a lot about my physical body, yoga helped me learn and grow further and deeper into the emotional body. Yoga also helped me relax, rejuvenate, breath deeper and turn inward considering I was often sore and tired with all the strenuous activities I put myself through. I’ve studied 500 hours in Yoga Teacher Trainings, 50 hours in Tibetan Bon Buddhism Meditation and 50 hours in Kids Yoga. I am a passionate yoga teacher with a deep purpose to help create a strong community of emotional, physical, spiritual and soulful connection within and with others. My extensive background in health & wellness and energy to learn and grow has flourished into a love for teaching invigorating Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin , Meditation and Kids Yoga.


Cool/Fun Fact: The coolest thing I’ve ever done is become a mom! It’s changed my life is so many ways and allowed me to get to know myself on a deeper level. Declan is my biggest teacher!



Focus: My focus is to make every class do-able for everyone.


Bio: Jill is a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist and uses her expertise to guide participants safely through many different types of movement. Her energy and passion for moving together as one will get you pushing to your limit, whether it’s to conquer one more Clean & Press or bringing ‘the heatʼ to drop the squat or plie a little lower.


Cool/Fun Fact: Jill had three kids within 21 months due to having twins on her second pregnancy.

Linda bw.png


Focus: I would like to see everyone realize the benefits of aquatic exercise for health and fitness. Aquafit really is for everyone!


Bio: I have always been interested Health care! Before staying home to raise my son I worked as a Respiratory Therapist for several years. I taught CPR classes from my home for about 7 years and volunteered as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Like many of us I gained a lot of weight in my middle years, and I began to feel the negative health consequences with time. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis which got me back in the water and focused on my health, nutrition, habits, and healing. I lost 80 lbs and I am now an older adult group fitness leader, aquatic exercise fitness leader and a certified Health Coach! I truly believe in moving with purpose, good nutrition, and a positive mindset for overall health and well being! I can’t shout it out loud enough!


Cool/Fun Fact: I love mindfulness meditations and use my lane swim time to practice. 

Caron bw.jpg


Focus: All levels. My goal is to empower individuals to lead healthier lifestyles by gaining confidence through strength.


Bio: Growing up a competitive dancer, training for half marathons, and becoming a group fitness instructor, health and wellness has always been my constant. As a marketing professional, I understand the demands and struggles of attaining a work-life balance. My fitness goal for others is achieving goals sustainably through a balanced approach to lifelong health.


Cool/ Fun facts: I studied Fashion Marketing in Paris at Cité International Universitaire.



Focus: All levels, mature students.  Her specialty is Yoga Therapy, working with physical & emotional stresses caused by illness, injury and the pressures of everyday life. Her intention is to help inspire her students to help themselves.


Bio: Anne began her yoga journey in 1997 to manage back pain and chronic headaches. Starting with restorative yoga classes, she found that the simplest poses could be the most profound. Her philosophy comes from a place of “beginners mind," a way to be in the moment and explore for oneself how to heal in body, mind and spirit. Anne was certified as Yoga teacher in 2004 with further training with specialized instructors such as Susi Hately, Gert van Leeuwen, Richard Miller & Trevor Yelich. Using mindful movement, breath, sound, and mediation, she helps students to uncover not only a healthy body, but find a place of peace from within.  Anne assists her students to build strength from the inside out and release tension from the outside in, leaving with new tools to take into their daily lives.

Cool Fact:  Growing up in Saskatchewan, she loved to spend time at the lake.  Now in Alberta, it’s the river that calls her & spending time camping with her family.  Outdoors around the campfire is her favourite way to unwind, even if it is just in the backyard.   

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