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Swim Lessons Registration
Important Information

As we continue the transition process to our new program, booking and membership software system we will not have access to the use of our customer facing portal for the 2022 Winter Swim Lessons Registration period. In an effort to best support our members and the public through this transition we have strategically developed a temporary means for everyone to submit their online Program Registration Requests.

Please reference past report cards as we do not keep old information on file.

How to Submit a Request to be Registered for 2022 Winter Swim Lessons

Registration dates:

Members: Dec 6, 9am

Non-members: Dec 13, 9am

Use the Registration Request link below to submit your request(s) for the lesson(s) you'd like to be registered for. Please note that at this time, the only acceptable way to submit a registration request is using this link and no in-person registrations can be accepted. 

IMPORTANT – please note that once a request has been submitted it does not mean that the individual has been registered for the program. 

The Registration Process

  • Requests will be processed in the order that they are received

  • Registrants will be added to the programs until the program is full  

  • Once an individual has been registered for a program, they will receive a follow up email and phone call to confirm the registration

  • Registrants will have 24 hours to respond and pay for the program or the individual will be removed from the program, at which time we will move to the next eligible registrant on the list

Advanced Member registration Dec 6 - Dec 12

Further information

Aquatic Staff for General Aquatic Information | 587-551-0037 |